Feb 2014

Amandine + Guillaume

Photoshoot by Celine Hamelin in NYC – Results

A few months ago, you could win a photoshoot in New-York City with Céline Hamelin. Here’s the result of the shoot: a laid-back session in the streets of New-York and on Coney Island. I especially love the part with the birds! Congrats  Amandine and Guillaume (and of course,  Céline Hamelin for the beautiful pictures).



photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-01 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-02 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-03 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-04 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-05 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-06 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-07 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-08 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-09 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-10 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-11 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-12 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-13 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-14 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-15 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-16 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-17 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-18 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-19

The word of the photographer.

Amandine lives in New York City. Guillaume lives in the South West of France… and often in NYC too ! :)
Those two birds work in the fashion area and travel a lot…They meet in Miami, CA or Paris… They are stylish and crazy and they’re meant to live intensively, and I love that !
Coney Island is one of their favorite places and what a piece of luck, I’m completely in love with it too !
Far from Manhattan’s clichés, the time has stopped its mad drive. Numb feelings: everything is big and fun and colored but there’s nobody around, only gulls, calm and harmony. Really stunning.
Nov 2013

Leslie + Fred

Creative Wedding in France, a Trandom and a Bunch of Happy Friends

When there’s two ceremonies (eg. civil & religious/ secular), I always choose to show one only, to maintain a good consistency and make it easier for the reader to understand what’s happening. Today however, sorry but I couldn’t get rid of one single moment of their day; it looks like the newly weds thought about everything to make it extra special! They wanted a creative wedding, where everybody could enjoy themselves, they wanted people to gather for a joyful moment.. and I think they pretty much nailed this! Also, I encourage you to read the story of how they met, maybe my preferred one so far. Photography by Céline Hamelin (YES the same Céline who’s offering a free couple session in New York, it’s still time to participate!).



The wedding took place on July 24th, at the Domaine de Tih in Loubieng (in front of the mountains of the Pyrenees). I absolutely love their story (these guys met the actual Cupidon!!).
It was the very beginning of Spring 2005… Both of us, still strangers one for another, were celebrating the end of the exam time. A few glasses of rosé, some wanderings and a bit of luck later, there we were, in the same night club.
Just an ordinary story, until Cupidon had some fun with us… that night, he took the shape of a 40 year-old, with glittering eyes and an unsteady gait. The guy grabbed my harm, kindly took me to a group of girls and called one of them: “I-dont-know-who, let me introduce you to I-dont-know-who!”. He then laughed out loud and left our lives forever, though he never knew he actually changed them forever.
First eye contact. First time we see each other. Then came our first smile, our first laugh and first laughter. Our first words exchanged… and our first kiss!… So yes, we had the chance to meet Cupidon that night and all we know is he hadn’t been taking it quite easy on mead!!!
Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-01 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-02 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-03 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-04 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-05 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-000Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-06 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-08Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-07 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-09 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-10 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-00

Name one thing you regret…

Nothing we deeply regret, besides the dessert buffet maybe… We let a dedicated confectioner handle it, but didn’t really check whether the caterer knew exactly what he had to do with it. As a result, the dessert table was prepared by the caterer without the confectioner being there, and it didn’t really matched our expectations in terms of presentation.

Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-13Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-14Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-15Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-16 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-17 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-18 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-19 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-20

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

Our invites, designed and created by us two and more generally, all the little paper details we did ourselves; the save the date video that we made (thanks to our friends for the camerawork); the unforgettable bachelor & bachelorette party; on the D day, the outdoor ceremony—under the old oaks, listening to the musics that made our story, the triplet, bubbles, some friends playing for us, the wind, and us two faintly exchanging our vows in front of a moved audience…—until now, the most beautiful 30 minutes of our lives! We’re also really happy about the implication of our friends, everybody enjoyed what we had prepared, which created a great atmosphere during the whole week-end.

Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-21 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-22 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-23 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-24 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-25 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-26 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-27 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-28 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-29 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-30 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-31 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-32 Very-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-33

The word of the photographer.

I knew from the beginning on that we would get on well together. Fred is voluble and a lot of fun, Leslie’s always smiling and caring. Two people that are really great together, with tons of ideas in their heads and tons of travels in their photo albums (the first night, we were talking Island and NYC for an hour drinking wine!), and a lot of “handy” energy! They spent nights and weekends of the past year inventing everything, creating, printing, sharing, antiquing… We got to know each other better during a fantastic photo shoot on an Eiffel bridge with their favorite objects… We had a lot of fun during their bachelor and bachelorette party where I was invited to by their friends… which ended up in a wonderful shoot on the beach… And then the D day, bucolic and fresh, lots of emotions, attentions and surprises for their guests. Authenticity, originality & happiness! What else?…
Oct 2013

Céline in NYC

Win a Photo Shoot in NYC!

Are you living in NYC or planning to be there between November 22th and December 7th? Then this contest is for you! French photographer Céline Hamelin is going to be there at these dates and will shoot one happy couple for absolutely nothing… And, this could be you!




This is how Céline Hamelin likes to describe her passion for photography.

Photography is for me a good way to exorcize this fear of time passing too fast :) With photography I’ve been travelling, dreaming, living and laughing for over 3 years now. Imagination, spontaneousness, some fun and a little bit of magic are the perfect ingredients for a perfect reportage. I like to feel an affinity for the couples I shoot… discover strange and unfamiliar worlds… I love to squeeze by and find the perfect timing!


02-NY 01-NY

To participate…

  • • Name something you like about Céline Hamelin‘s work or You May French Kiss the Bride.
  • 2 • What’s your dream photo shoot (theme & place in NYC and surroundings)?
  • 3 • Supplicate us. :)

Of course, we’ll check how strong supporters of our work you are, so be sure to follow us on whatever social media platform you use, and you can already start leaving comments everywhere on both our blogs!

  • 4 • Send your answers to [email protected] before November 13th. You’ll hear from us in the following days!
Now go ahead, make us fall in love with you! PS: I know, the more people see this, the more participants there might be… However, we’ll be extra gentle to those of you who share this announcement, we promise!… ;)


03-NY 04-NY

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