Sep 2013

Anne + Harald

Colorful French Wedding with Bicycles

I have a revelation for you today: I am not a real Parisian! I actually come from a small region in France where as a French speaker, you couldn’t understand what half of the population is saying (and this number gets higher when you go to small villages like the one I grew up in). The reason for that is that there’s a local dialect that’s really close to German, and many persons still use that dialect in their day-to-day life. Today’s wedding took place in this region—that became even dearer to my heart since I left it—so if you see a strange village name that doesn’t sound French at all, it’s not a typo. I love the energy of this couple, all those colors, and of course, the bikes! Many thanks to Cécile Creiche for letting me share these pictures today!


The wedding took place in Hartolsheim, France, on August 10th. From the bride.
Hartolsheim is the village where I grew up, and my uncle (who also happens to be my godfather) got to marry us. We got married precisely 10 years and 2 days after our first kiss in Corsica. In between, we had a long distance relationship, lived in 5 different apartments and… got 2 beautiful kids! Harald proposed to me for my 30th anniversary last year, on a terrace, one Spring night… With flowers, Champagne and a beautiful ring!

 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-02 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-03 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-04 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-05 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-06 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-07 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-08 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-09


Name one thing you regret…

That we did not take enough care of the DJ. We should have given a specific playlist to him, or gone for someone else…

colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-11 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-12 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-13 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-14 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-15 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-16 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-17 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-18 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-19

… And thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.
We’re really proud that we managed to turn a very old and rustic place into something very unique and magical… All this thanks to our friends and family that helped us during nearly one week before the wedding! By the way, we loved the Summer camp atmosphere the week before the D day (and the day after, to clean up everything!). The day after we invited everybody again to have tartes flambées—the “local pizza”—, it was really nice to have some kind of extra party time. We also loved going for a ride by bike to join the party place, and are very happy with the pictures we took together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as ones taken before the ceremony – it helped us relax a little bit before this long day filled with emotions!


colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-20 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-21 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-22 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-23 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-24 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-25 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-26 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-27 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-28 colorful-fresh-french-wedding-cecile-creiche-29


The word of the photographer.
I was born in Paris, I’m a girl from the city that’s kind of allergic to the countryside (except when we’re talking holidays!). When Anne and Harald told me they were getting married in the middle of nowhere in the East of France, that the only things nearby were going to be fields and a pond, I was curious. I wasn’t wrong and this Saturday had everything of a Summer break. A ride through the fields by bike, some tonic colors, laughs & laughters. Basic life pleasure. This wedding was a real source of freshness and optimism. Thank you Anne and Harald for letting me part of this very special day!

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