Jan 2014

Kelsey + Jerrit

An Intimate Laid-Back Wedding at a Vintage Bar in Vancouver

Kelsey and Jerrit had a simple wedding, with only 50 guests. I love how they decided not to worry about details and just find a place that would already look beautiful without any additional effort! Photography by Dallas and Sabrina for Dallas Kyoloto Photography.



The wedding took place at The Diamond, in Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on June 16, 2013. Here’s the story of this cute couple.
Jerrit and I met when a mutual friend organized a trip to Vegas. There’s nothing quite like spending 96 hours straight with someone to jump-start your friendship.
When we returned home to Vancouver we became inseparable, just as friends at first.  We bonded over our love for perogies, our desires to travel, and our identical music collections. We realized we wanted to be more than friends shortly after Jerrit was getting perogi making lessons from my mother, and we were finalizing our trip to Thailand together.  We came to the realization a lot slower than our friends and family did, who apparently knew all along we would end up together.
Fast-forward a couple years later and we are in a room surrounded by those we love, saying “I do”, and starting the next chapter of our lives. We definitely didn’t know that this was where our futures was headed as we embarked to Vegas together for the first time, but we’re so thankful things turned out how they did. We are really looking forward to the many perogi-filled years of travel together to come.


vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-01 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-02 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-03 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-04 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-05 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-06

Name on thing you regret…

No regret!

vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-07 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-08 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-09 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-10 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-11

And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We are really happy we decided to keep our wedding small and hassle-free. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the little details when planning a wedding, so we made a list of what was most important to us, and everything else we didn’t stress about. The top of our list was:
  1. The photographers.  Before we even set a wedding date we already knew who we had to have to photograph it – Dallas and Sabrina Kolotylo.  We absolutely love how amazing our photos turned out, how they captured the emotions perfectly, and accurately tell a story of how the day went.  Asking them to do our pictures was one of our best decisions.
  2. The venue.  We wanted a place that was intimate, charming, and looked great as-is without decorating.  It was important that the food and drinks served not only taste good but could be enjoyed by everyone with food allergies and special dietary needs.  We chose The Diamond in Gastown for these reason, and it turned out to be a more than excellent choice.
  3. Our guests.  Our vision for the wedding was small and intimate.  As hard as it was to decide where to draw the line on who to invite, we are glad we were able to keep the attendance under 50. This ensured we were actually able to spend time celebrating with each guest throughout the course of the evening.
It was so nice to be able to just show up and spend time with our close family and friends without having to check on or worry about decorations, dj’s / bands, party favors, place settings, or really anything at all.  By hiring the people we did, and having the amazing support system of family and friends that we do, we knew everything would be taken care of and the day went off without a hitch.

vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-13 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-12vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-14 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-15 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-16 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-17 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-18 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-19 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-20 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-21 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-22 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-23 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-24 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-25 vancouver-bar-wedding-kelsey-jerrit-26

The word of the photographers.

Sometimes we have step to back and take a second to appreciate how crazy awesome it is that we not only get to do what we love as our living but also how privileged we are to work with such fantastic people.
When Jerrit and Kelsey first contacted us about photographing their day we knew straight away that they were going to be great to work with. We suggested to go for a drink, and Kelsey suggested The Narrow on main street. That’s when we realized that we were going to love these two. For those that aren’t familiar with the Narrow in Vancouver it’s an unmarked underground pub that you can only access if the red light above the door is on. After chatting a bit over a few beers we knew their wedding was going to be fantastic. Along came the wedding and sure enough they ended up having an incredibly chill day that perfectly reflected their personalities, getting married at the beautifully vintage Diamond in historic Gastown, downtown Vancouver.
Oh also, they had a wedding cheese cake, literally, a cake made of cheese. So not really a cake at all, but a lot of delicious cheese wheels stacked up in the shape of a cake. Pretty awesome in our books.
We wish the very best to you Kelsey and Jerrit in your journey through life together.
Jan 2014

Melissa + Jay

Fabulous Wedding at the Toronto Fermenting Cellar

I fell in love with Melissa and Jay’s wedding. The venue they found in Toronto is just perfect: a vaulted ceiling, rural stone work & wood trusses (see? you don’t necessarily need a barn); the atmosphere created with the lights in this place blew my mind; finally, this couple is both beautiful and fun – I also used the tag “hot” for the first time, I guess you’ll see why. I almost forgot to mention the fabulous pictures by Applehead Studio, the icing on the (wedding) cake. So, what do you say?



The wedding took place on October 18, 2013, at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here’s an anecdote of how the bride met one of her favourite singer on her wedding day.

We both love live music. One of Melissa’s favorite singer/songwriters forever has been Craig Cardiff. Since day one, she’s said that her wedding wish list item was to have him sing at the wedding. We made it work for the ceremony portion, and although she was ecstatic, she was a bit disappointed that she’d only get to hear him sing a few quick hazy moments walking down the aisle. Craig was gracious enough to work in cohorts with Jay to pay Melissa a surprise visit while she was getting ready on the wedding day. The photographers knew of the stunt and when Craig knocked on Melissa’s door, the images say it all – she was pretty shocked. Craig sat down and played a private concert for Melissa and her bridesmaids in her hotel room, playing some of her favourite songs. Craig’s special gesture has meant the world to both of us, and will forever be remembered as a very special part of our day and our relationship. We were lucky to then have our family and friends hear him welcome guests to the ceremony and sing Melissa down the aisle.


wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-33wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-01 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-02 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-03 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-04 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-05 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-06

Name one thing you regret…

We had initially regretted that we did not get a videographer – until we saw our wedding photos. The fact that Applehead Studio managed to capture all of our important “moments” throughout the day truly blew us away. It is true what they say, “a photo is worth a thousand words.”


wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-07 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-08 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-09 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-10 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-11 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-12 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-13

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We couldn’t be more proud of our photos.  We think they tell the true picture of how beautiful our favourite day was. From the prep work to the beauty of the entire venue, and the party we had, our photos tell that story in the way wanted it too! Super proud that they show a true love story and people genuinely “getting after it!”
So many loved ones came from far away to share this day with us. The majority of people travelled from Nova Scotia and they went out of their way to join us and make our day very special.
We’re also proud we drank the venue out of rum. Don’t judge us – it’s a badge of honour.
Overall, we’re most proud of the fact we look back and say “we wouldn’t have changed a thing.”


wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-15 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-16 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-17 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-18 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-19 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-14wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-20 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-21 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-22 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-23 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-24 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-25 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-26 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-27 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-28 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-29 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-30 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-31 wedding-toronto-fermenting-cellar-32

Dec 2013

Heather + Alejandro

Canadian Emerald Lake Wedding Photos

It’s been a while since I last posted something here in this section! I am happy to have a really nice session to show today, an after wedding photo shoot at the beautiful Emerald Lake in Canada. The pictures are stunning, they were taken by someone really dear to me—though we never actually met—whom I contacted in the early stages of existence of the blog and who’s been extremely supportive and kind ever since. No details, no DIY for this session, just the lesson, once again, that maybe backdrop & surroundings are the one detail you may wanna think of when looking for the perfect venue and place to get married. Photography by Carey Nash.




The word of the photographer.

What made this session special and unique was the timing of it. Heather and Alejandro had contacted me early in the year about shooting their wedding and at that point I was already booked for a wedding in the city I live in, Edmonton Alberta. Heather was interested in another option though, that if I was not able to shoot the wedding day could we do the wedding portraits a day or two after the ceremony. I personally loved the idea and after the Edmonton wedding I  I hopped in my truck and drove five hours to meet them for a day after session in the Rocky Mountains. Heather is originally from Canada and now lives in Northern California and Alejandro is originally from South America and getting married in the mountains was something that was a dream of theirs. They were married in Canmore and instead of shooting there we drove a little deeper into the mountains and spent the day shooting at Emerald lake, the Resort and then the small mountain town of Field. Late fall in Canada means that the weather can be truly anything and even though our day started with some heavy cloud and light rain we finished in the evening as the clouds opened up and some light sunset. We were also pretty lucky to have the elk photobomb a few shots as they traversed along the Kicking horse river.
It was a beautiful afternoon and I could not have been more pleased to be there.  Heather and Alejandro are beautiful people and very genuine and they remind me of why I love my career!
You can find more beautiful pictures of this session on Carey’s blog, here.

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