May 2014

Kaiti + Priit

Dreamy Backyard Winter Wedding at Dusk

Yes, it’s the end of May and we’re all looking forward to some sun and hot temperatures, but on a cold and rainy day like the one we’re having in Paris right now, I really don’t mind looking back at a winter wedding… Especially when it’s a dreamy backyard winter wedding at dusk like the one Kaiti and Priit had! Funny story, Kaiti told me she wasn’t thinking about having a winter wedding, until she saw Joanna and Jaan’s on this very blog (which of course, totally made my day)! It even ended up convincing her future husband how a great idea it was and that’s what they went for, with the same photographer Joanna and Jaan had. I think I love everything about this wedding: the bride’s beautiful braid, the decor created by the winter woods and the ice on the floor, the cute ceremony backdrop, and of course all the sweet details! What about you? Is anyone planning a winter wedding? Photography by Gerry Sulp out of Estonia.



The wedding took place at Laitse Granite Villa—an old renovated manor stable with fieldstone walls and stylish interior—on February, 22, 2014.

February here is the coldest month of the year, a time when Estonia is entirely covered with a beautiful white snow carpet. We wanted our registration to be outside no matter how hard frost there would be. But the reality was totally different – the whole night before the wedding and even in the morning it was pouring rain. There was zero snow, the ground was muddy and green. At first it seemed pretty frustrating but in the end it made our day even more special than we expected!



Name one thing you regret…

No matter what happens or how your wedding day turns out, it is unique and in the end you are anyhow super happy! You have worked hard and it pays off big time. Small errors are OK, they do not play any roll in the big picture. A few tips:

– The more you do yourself, more you will enjoy it.

– The more you do yourself, more it characterizes your union.

– It is important to choose some key figures carefully and not scrimp with money. E.g. a photographer – our choice was so right and we are more than pleased!

– Consider having a video made by a professional. As a wedding gift we were offered a brief video clip made by Kristiin Kõosalu. We truly suggest that: it passes really well all emotions and was the best gift we could have.


Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-14Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-15Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-00Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-18Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-17kaiti_priit-22-02-2014-cam1-5164Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-19 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-20 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-21 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-22 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-23

… And one thing you’re really happy about. proud of.

One thing that we are really proud of is our registration ceremony. It still took place outside (luckily it stopped raining), in the backyard of the Granite Villa. The groom’s father got lost and did not arrive on time, so the beginning of the wedding was delayed. It got dim in the meanwhile and the place turned to magical. We spoke briefly about love, friendship and emotions. A lot of people sobbed and everybody laughed. It was so special, really beautiful and awesome. A memory for a lifetime, and not just for us!


Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-24 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-25 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-26 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-27 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-28 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-29 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-30 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-31 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-32 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-33 Winter-Wedding-Ice-Estonia-Gerry-Sulp-34

Nov 2013

Pauline + Jérôme

French Castle Wedding

What do you think of this bride’s braid? I think it’s perfect! There’s actually tons of ideas in today’s castle wedding for you to pick: afraid of being overwhelmed with things to do on your wedding day, but still you want everything to be perfect? As these two, you can prepare a notebook for your closest friends with things for them to check, not you. I think this is a great idea. There’s a lot of DIYs today actually, and I particularly love the “seating plan” in a tree! What about you? Photography by Jean-Laurent Gaudy.


Here’s an anecdote about the day from the bride’s point of view.
About us? We’ve been together for 10 years so have tons of anecdotes… But focusing on the D day, the anecdote I feel like talking about concerns the end of the night. The taxis had just brought our last guests back to their hotel, and Jérôme, my bridesmaid, her baby and myself were closing the castle. Just to be clear, at the end of the night, your dress is gonna be torn and all gray, your delicate princess shoes will be swapped for some comfortable ballerinas, your hairdressing is only gonna stay only because of your headband and your newlyweds glow will be gone, suggesting the two sleepless nights you had previous to the wedding. But you’ll be the happiest two people in the world. At 7 o’clock in the morning, we went back to Saint Leonard de Noblat, & I (the bride) was driving. We were expecting a very quiet trip back home, but this was without knowing there were going to be the seasonal second-hand fair in the village that day! Usually almost deserted, the streets were full of people, and believe me, hearing strangers scream “long live the newlyweds!” every 3 meters when you’re looking like, well, what I described previously, isn’t something you quite have on your program. However, this is one of the best souvenir we have of that day.

french-wedding-castle-01 french-wedding-castle-02 french-wedding-castle-07french-wedding-castle-03 french-wedding-castle-04 french-wedding-castle-05 french-wedding-castle-06

Name one thing you regret…
To be honest not much… Maybe that we didn’t spend that much time with the guests that were only there for the cocktail: it’s an euphoric post-ceremony moment and we stayed with our closest friends, forgetting that unlike the others, they were going to be there all night long!

french-wedding-castle-08french-wedding-castle-10 french-wedding-castle-09french-wedding-castle-11 french-wedding-castle-12 french-wedding-castle-13 french-wedding-castle-14 french-wedding-castle-15 french-wedding-castle-16french-wedding-castle-18 french-wedding-castle-19 french-wedding-castle-25french-wedding-castle-17

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We were happy our wedding corresponded to us; here’s how we did it:
– I wanted to recognize myself on the pictures, I put the makeup myself on;
– We wanted there to be only our dearest friends & relatives and have no more than 80 guests, we just ignored the people who wouldn’t understand;
– We wanted paper hats menus and a decoration with second-hand glass pots, we didn’t let people talk us into flower center pieces;
– Not big fans of sugar almonds, we replaced them with marshmallow teddy bears, and wrote on the bag “it’s like sugar almonds, except it’s teddy bears” – even grandma liked it!
We went to the city hall the day before, so we had less things to do on the wedding day and got to spend more time with our friends who stayed the whole weekend. The D day should be about the bride and groom; we had a little organization book with a to do list for for every close friend! (We were lucky though, to have such fantastic friends and families, it’s only thanks to them that the day went so well.) You have one year before the wedding: take this opportunity to get things at the right moment (we got our garland lights after Christmas!) Last, don’t mess with the photographer! Everything that stays after the wedding, from the atmosphere to the decoration, will be his photos! When we look at ours, we instantaneously live the day again!

french-wedding-castle-21 french-wedding-castle-20french-wedding-castle-22 french-wedding-castle-23 french-wedding-castle-24french-wedding-castle-26 french-wedding-castle-27 french-wedding-castle-28 french-wedding-castle-29 french-wedding-castle-30 french-wedding-castle-31 french-wedding-castle-32

The word of the photographer.

When I met Pauline & Jérôme for the first time in a bar next to the Montparnasse Station in Paris, I knew we would make a good team. In the end, the reason these pictures totally look like them isn’t only because the wedding was sumptuous, well thought, and because their families and themselves were at their best, no, there was more than that! Our meeting, our common wishes and before all the relation we built during this year were crucial. When the day of their wedding finally came, I said to myself while starting the car: “How cool, I’m going to the wedding of some friends.” I think this explains pretty well why we had fun all day and part of the night.

More pictures here!

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