Feb 2013

Cosmina + Adi

Romanian Motorcycle Themed Wedding

How about I take you to Romania again? This time to enjoy an excerpt of Cosmina and Adi’s motorcycle themed wedding, covered by Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography.



Cosmina and Adi are a young couple of artists, passionate about motorcycle, art and old stuff, in love with nature and mountains, as they like to descirbed themselves. They wanted their wedding to be a perfect reflection of their personality. From Cosmina:

Adi  worked 2 weeks on our wedding motorcycle, because it wasn’t in very good condition when he bought it (the motorcycle is an old Ij Jupiter Planeta from 1983). He modified it, painted it, changed my seat in the sidecar, worked with his hands and soul to make it in the end just beautiful and perfect for our day. We had just 1 month to organize and make everything for the wedding. It was a beautiful and crazy time.

The wedding took place in their medieval hometown Mediaş in Romania, located in the middle of Transilvania.




Name one thing you regret…

It was too perfect, we wouldn’t change anything.



… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of. 

We wanted a rustic and handmade wedding, and some help from our loved family and friends we made it possible. Our wedding was an exciting motorcycle ride; we were really happy that the motorcycle held out, as we could use it to go to both ceremonies and then to the party. 15th of July was the hottest day in the the past 5 years (more then 30 celsius degrees inside, and 39 outside!), but in the evening came a cool summer rain that everybody really enjoyed. We had an unforgettable hot  party with dear people of our lives and many many smiles and happiness tears. For us was a unique moment that changed our lives and we will never forget it.


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Want more? Well, stay tuned, I might actually blog their “day after” session…

Feb 2013

Denisa + Ioanis

A Couple Session with Heart Garlands and Sheeps

I love this series of pictures and I’m really excited to finally share it with you. Of course, as a garland lover, I could not remain insensitive to those little hearts. With that being said, I can’t deny I’m feeling kind of proud that this series also includes a few pictures of an animal yet not represented on the blog—there are shee(…)eeps!! Yeah, you know me… Very sweet couple + pictures captured by the so very talented Dragos & Laura of Be Light Photography, out of Romania.



00 01 02 03 04 05 07 08 09 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 2319 20 22 2527

Jan 2013

Evelin + Ando

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. How many brides are still following this tradition? Usually the blue item is a subtle or hidden detail in the bride’s attire… but what about actually showing blue? Take a look at Evelin and Ando’s look on their wedding day! Photography credit: Elika Hunt.


Evelin and Ando’s wedding took place in 2012, after 12 years of love story. From the bride:

I planned and styled the whole wedding, designed my wedding dress and wedding details. The color blue has always been with us, that’s our color and my husband`s eye color. I wanted to make my own wedding bouquet from peonies that I picked from my garden to symbolize our home and all the happy moment that we have spent there.


EvAndo-01 EvAndo-02EvAndo-04 EvAndo-05EvAndo-00EvAndo-08 EvAndo-07EvAndo-09EvAndo-03EvAndo-10EvAndo-12EvAndo-11EvAndo-13 EvAndo-14 Evando-15

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