Mar 2013


Some Great Photos of Animals at Weddings

I think you already got it: I LOVE animals. All type of animals. Ok, I fear some of them (like sharks, snakes and for some reason, worms), but in general I will find anything they do super cute, so that this theme was for me more than an obvious choice.

But, besides just loving or not animals, I’m amazed by the creativity that’s needed to get one photo like that and I really congratulate all photographers represented here for the opportunity they seized and for pushing the trigger at the perfect moment.



# 1 by Granin Photo



#2 (left) by Kat Forsyth and #3 (right) by Feather and Stone.



#4 by Granin Photo



#5 by Photography by Winter



#6 by 2 Rings



#7 by Ela and the Poppies Photography



#8 (left) by 2 Rings and #9 (right) by Raphael Fraga



#10 by Mait Jüriado (yes, there are more photos of Tuuli and Teet!)



#11 by Leslee Mitchell



#12 & #13 by Granin Photo

10-Granin-4 11-Granin-5


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Jan 2013

Vanessa + Pedro

Beautiful Black and White Photos on the Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Remember when I told you I fell in love with the work of The Kreulichs? Well, that was no lie. About that session: black & white pictures, two people and a very simple setting… for a remarkably special and dreamy result. Vanessa e Pedro, vocês são lindos! Muito obrigado por nos permitir mostrar ao (nosso) mundo esse momento de suas vidas.


[Please don’t blame me for posting these pictures while some of you are going through a very cold winter. Remember, it’s always Summer somewhere… And it is right now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.]



VP-01VP-03VP-02VP-05VP-04VP-09VP-08VP-07VP-16VP-11 VP-12 VP-13 VP-14 VP-15VP-06

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