Sep 2013

Heidi + Kyle

Probably the Most Unique Venue for a Barn Wedding

I don’t usually put a lot of pictures of the decoration, but this is one big exception. I was preparing this post and just couldn’t stop adding pictures of details; and this is a DIY wedding! I have to say I’ve never quite seen something like that: the unique venue looks like the inside of gigantic barrel, and every little detail they put there is just perfect! There’s glitter, there are old wooden tables, chairs and wall sections, there are cute notes for the guests to leave a message to the newly weds, and well, I won’t even try to describe everything there is, because, I just don’t think I can! I let you enjoy the pictures instead, of this perfect wedding and super stylish + cute couple. I warn you, this is huge. Thank you so much Lydia Jane for letting me share this here!



The wedding took place at Rubies & Rust Barn in Belle Plaine, Minnesota on July 6, 2013.

Kyle and I are high school sweethearts. I am 19 and he is 20 years old. This really played into how we wanted our wedding to go: very relaxed, like a earthy, beautiful, glorified picnic for our closest family and friends.


the-ultimate-barn-wedding-01 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-02 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-03 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-04 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-05 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-06 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-07

Name one thing you regret…

One thing I regret is not having A/C in the barn! (IT WAS SO HOT!) Honestly, Kyle and I have been struggling to answer this question!  I guess throughout the wedding planning I didn’t take enough time for myself, and time spent with Kyle very often centered around wedding planning. That’s a huge bummer when your engagement is 6 months! Taking time to enjoy your engagement and enjoying your spouse-to-be is SO important. But as for our wedding, our day was better than we had hoped!


the-ultimate-barn-wedding-08 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-09 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-10 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-11 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-12 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-13 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-14 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-16the-ultimate-barn-wedding-15the-ultimate-barn-wedding-17 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-18 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-19 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-20 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-21

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

One thing I’m really pleased with is how simple and relaxed our wedding was for us and for our guests. To Brides: More things does not necessarily equal a better wedding. Simplicity is key, even if just for you and your own sanity. I loved how we were just able to enjoy our day and go up and talk with all of our guests throughout the night. We were able to do this because we didn’t have a formal program at the reception. We just let people get up and eat when they wanted, get dessert when they wanted, and socialize and dance whenever they wanted the whole night, and it worked out really well! I loved the personal touches that my friends and I contributed.
Also, I looked through a lot of wedding planning books and my favorite one was “The Anti-Bride Wedding Planner.”
Lydia Jane was my photographer and she is seriously the greatest person. She made picture taking and just our day in general so enjoyable. I cannot say enough good things about her and her work!


the-ultimate-barn-wedding-22 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-23 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-24 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-25 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-26 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-27 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-28 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-29 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-30 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-31 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-33the-ultimate-barn-wedding-32 the-ultimate-barn-wedding-34


The word of the photographer.

Heidi is a close friend of mine so I was looking forward to her wedding all year. But upon arriving at the wedding site I was still blown away. Not only was the Minnesota landscape breathtaking, but the sheer amount of detail and decoration put into the reception was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in 5 years as a professional photographer. The terrific venue Rubies & Rust matched with Heidi’s good taste produced an elaborate and eclectic rustic dining room. But nothing matched Heidi’s grace as the bride, dressed in a beautiful lace gown and floral wreath. The entire wedding day was relaxed, joyful, and beautiful from start to finish. I wish every wedding could be like Heidi and Kyle’s.

May 2013

Harriet + Matthew

English Barn Wedding with Rain Boots and a Giant Light Heart

When a wedding’s being planned, I think a general trend is to cross fingers, hoping it won’t rain. However, when everything you’ve prepared isn’t meant to stay outside under the open sky, rain can be fun! I really love the pictures of them two in rain boots this couple ended with, and had a crush for this giant light heart. Photos by Roberto and Maria, out of Spain.



english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-02english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-05english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-04english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-01english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-06 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-07 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-09english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-08english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-13english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-11english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-10english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-14 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-12english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-15 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-16 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-17english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-19 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-18english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-20 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-21 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-22 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-25english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-23english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-27 english-barn-wedding-with-curtains-and-a-giant-light-heart-28

Nov 2012

Louisa + Eskil

Simple Swedish Wedding in Gotland with Old Carts

Many times, people try to do something unique for their wedding. But it happens sometimes that the persons that the most should enjoy the day—bride & groom—, just don’t seem to. I fell in love with Louisa and Eskil’s wedding in Gotland from the very moment I discovered it: original yet simple ideas, and above all, ideas that seem to perfectly correspond to the bride and groom. Photography credit: 2 Brides Photography, from Sweden.



The wedding took place in Gotland, Sweden.


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