Dec 2013

Jessica + Mark

Pop Colors, Balloons, Crepe Paper Flowers and Pom Poms for the Ceremony Exit

Jessica and Mark had a playful, colorful and fun wedding, full of DIY details and personal touches. They used crepe paper flowers and birds to create a nice ceremony setting, and their guests were throwing paper pom poms at them for the ceremony exit – what a great idea! I’m usually not a big fan of tents, but I have to say they did an amazing job decorating the place and the tables! And… there’s even a campfire! Well, I think you got it, I’m really excited to show you this wedding! Photography by Rhema Images Photography.



The wedding took place at the bride’s parents home in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, on September 14, almost exactly three years after the couple’s first date.

Our first date was Sept 15th, 2010. We clicked instantly and were together from that day forward. Almost exactly three years later Mark and I were exchanging vows. I knew for sure we would marry and evidently everyone else did too. My mother began working on favors, centerpieces and even invitation ideas a year before mark actually proposed. Lucky she did because it took almost a year and a half to handcraft every aspect of this colorful and whimsical celebration. Two other things added to the magic of the wedding. It was an outdoor ceremony and the weather was overcast the entire day. Miraculously right before I started to walk down the isle, the sun appeared. And exiting the ceremony had its own magic, for the guests threw pom poms instead of rice, filling the sky with colorful balls. We wanted the feeling at our wedding to be exactly like our relationship, easy going, spontaneous, colorful and sweet. Our wedding was just that.

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Name one thing you regret… 
This is an interesting question because we feel like the one thing we regret could also be what ended up making our wedding such a blast for all of our guests. We had many activities going on outside of the wedding tent, games, a beautiful photo booth, and a cozy fire surrounded by haystacks. No one felt they were restricted to any one area. This was a lot of fun but it made it difficult to get everyone under the wedding tent for events such as cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss. What we were missing was someone who could be in charge of organizing the events of the night a little more smoothly, a coordinator of sorts. Everyone was so busy having fun, certain details were neglected.

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… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

 Our wedding was definitely a visual masterpiece, all heart and handcrafted by the people who love us.  We couldn’t have been prouder of how everything looked from the arbor, centerpieces, chandeliers, hundreds of crepe paper flowers and amazing homemade wedding cake! The fact that everyone had a part in creating this made it unforgettably beautiful. Mark and I added to this by writing our own vows to one another and performing a choreographed first dance for our guests. We had a blast taking dance lessons the week before our wedding and we still hear comments on how fun our dance was.

colorful-wedding-birds-details-27 colorful-wedding-birds-details-28 colorful-wedding-birds-details-29 colorful-wedding-birds-details-30 colorful-wedding-birds-details-31 colorful-wedding-birds-details-32

More photos on the photographers’ blog!

Mar 2013

Juliette + Stéphane

French Yurt Field Wedding

Today’s wedding is very special for me. First—long story short—the photographer was also our wedding photographer, with whom we became friends and who’s now dating one of my best friends that she met at our wedding. Second, the bride told me lots of very nice things during our email discussions and I ended up learning that she’d been declining offers from other blogs to feature her wedding, while secretly wanting to be on ours—because she loooves us! And that’s something! So please, make some noise for Juliette and Stéphane’s wedding (that took place in the middle of a yurt field, yes!), beautifully captured by Élodie of Photography by Winter.



Juliette and Stéphane are in love with each other since they are 12 years old. They officially started dating at 17, and shared everything since then, from the first secret outings to diplomas, vacations, jobs, and house. And here’s the story, from the bride, of how they got engaged:

It was one rainy day, only 10 in the morning, but everything was going wrong already. We were driving back home when I realised Stéphane was no taking the usual route. He stopped the car at the Champs Élysées, and simply told me that our day needed be more pleasant and that maybe we could go choose my engagement ring. Well… This is how we walked into a jewelery of the Avenue, wearing jeans and Stan Smith sneakers, passing by a security agent who was clearly hesitating to let us in. I love my ring also for making me remember this very simple and wonderful moment.


JU-00JU-01pJU-02 JU-03 JU-04JU-06 JU-05JU-07JU-08 JU-10 JU-11 JU-12 JU-13 JU-14


Name one thing you regret…

I think we’d give more importance to music, and trust less service providers. We’d certainly go for a live band… But we keep those ideas for the big party we plan to have in 5 years or so—I’m already imagining live music, braziers on the beach, a night underneath the stars and Élodie (the photographer) barefoot in the sand!


JU-15JU-17JU-18 JU-19 JU-20 JU-23 JU-24 JU-25


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

We wanted a wedding that looked liked us, and hence only had our closest friends and family members with us that day. How did we chose? By simply asking ourselves whether in 30 years from now, we’d still love our guests that much or not! And it was the best decision we could make. I’m also proud of all the badges: what a pleasure to see all our guests wearing one at the City Hall! What else?… Should I be talking about my grandmothers with Ray Bans?… Oh, one last thing, I’m also very happy we had the song “Here Comes the Sun” playing during the Ceremony. Not only the Beatles is my favorite band in the world (ever), it’s also a song that corresponds to us 1000% and all my cousins cried that day listening to it! (Also the other day, months after the wedding happened, I took my husband’s car and when I turned the engine, I heard this song playing… Only one signification: my husband listens to our wedding playlist in his car. And this is something that really amazes me!)



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