Feb 2014

Laura + Morgan

Balloon Love Letters and an Outdoor Ceremony in the Middle of the City

It may look like an obvious choice when thinking about it (and well, after seeing someone do it!), but I’ve never seen a couple getting married in the middle of the city, simply in a town square. Finding the right place to hold the ceremony can become quite a headache, but sometimes the solution is just right under your feet! I’m also a huge fan of these balloons love letters, aren’t you? Photography by Sandra Palm.



The wedding took place in Tallinn, Estonia, on July 09, 2013. Here’s the story of how these two met.
I like the story of how we met. I am from Estonia and he is from Sweden. We met in Estonia in a nightclub. He came up to me in the club and I wasn’t interested at the time. We chatted and I left. And that was it. No numbers exchanged or anything. 7 months later he happened to be in Estonia again and we just happened to be in the same nightclub again. He came up to me, again, but he didn’t remember we had already met… I obviously did. His face was priceless when after his “Hello” and introduction I got to say… “Yeah I know. We have met!” We had a great laugh about it and exchanged emails after that.


Name one thing you regret…

Its impossible to answer this as it was the most awesome day ever. I only regret it couldn’t last longer than a day!



… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I am the most happy that our friends travelled from all around the world to be with us.



The word of the photographer.

I  think that the couple had an awesome attitude towards their wedding day. They were so relaxed, totally enjoying the day. Photographing people clearly amazingly in love, showing their love for each other and enjoying themselves every minute of the day, is just a total bliss as a photographer! The wedding was modern, stylish and relaxed.

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