Feb 2014

Elo + Matt

Alice in Wonderland Themed Photoshoot

Today I’m sharing the cute Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot of Elo & Matt, two lovebirds from France. The photographs were taken near Grenoble, France, by their friend Marie-Laure of Blanc Coco Photographe. Enjoy!



alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-00 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-01alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-03 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-04 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-05 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-06 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-07 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-08 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-09alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-11 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-13alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-14 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-12alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-15 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-16 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-17 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-18

The word of the photographer.

Matt & Elo are friends. When they asked me to photograph their love session, I knew that they would care about every little detail and make it reflect their beautiful world. They chose two different places, one by a small lake in the middle of the forest, the other under a centenary oak, both in the region of Grenoble, France.
This session will remain for me unforgettable: my friends, a wonderful setting and the perfect light. Pure pleasure!


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