My aim

Is to publish beautiful pictures of fun and touching weddings. I will also publish couple sessions, if I think they can be an inspiration for photographers, future brides and grooms, or if it’s a love at first sight. Also, we have themed photo posts!

Photography credit: Photography by Winter.

Photographers, when you get published at You May French Kiss the Bride

I create a profile for you in the Photographers’ page, so that future brides and grooms can still see your work even if it’s been a while. Every publication you have at You May French Kiss the Bride will be linked to your profile, to give a good overview of your work.

Photography credit: Jonathan Ong.

Hey you, great photographer desperate to find a fun wedding to shoot!

Every once in a while, I will publish weddings with the only criteria being “touching”—well, the wedding shouldn’t be in bad taste either. Just to promote you. Oh yes, I am that cool.

Photography credit: You May French Kiss the Bride.

I want submissions from all over the world!!

Don’t be shy, I will publish your wedding if I like it. Also, I will respond to every single submission. (You need to know though that I have a full-time job that does not consist of blogging about weddings, so sorry if you don’t hear from me in a while.)

Photography credit: Photography by Winter.

Here are the kind of things I want you to know about you, little lovebirds:

(We read: Deutsch, English, español, français, português.)

• When & where.

• Tell me some (a few) anecdotes about you, your wedding, anything that you think may interest readers. (Remember: other full-time job, so please don’t get too literary here!)

• Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…

• …And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

• Last but not least, I will need your list of vendors.

Photography credit: Heidi – Our Labor of Love.


Final wedding submissions should include a selection of 70 to 100 pictures, at least 900 pixels across and without watermarks. Final love session submissions should include a selection of 20 to 50 pictures. If your submission has already been featured, don’t forget to tell me when and where. We don’t ask for exclusivity, but please be nice and wait for a reasonable amount of time before submitting your work elsewhere. Now, go send your submission to joana [at]—keywords in the object welcome; you’ll hear from me soon!

Photography credit: Heidi – Our Labor of Love.

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