Oct 2014

Giveaway: Sneakers

Win Your Shuz. Wedding Sneakers!

How’s your Sunday, lovelies? Let me cheer it up a bit for you! Today I’d like to offer the opportunity for one of you to win one pair of super cool sneakers. It can be for a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, but nobody says you can’t wear them with your everyday clothes too!

At the head of Shuz. are two young entrepreneurs from Croatia, Ljudmila Mihajlovic and Maja Zirovcic. After being “just” very good friends for years, Ljudmila and Maja decided to combine their fields of expertise (textile technology for Ljudmila; entrepreneurship economics and graphic design for Maja) and with their shared mind set and mutual creativity, they created the Shuz. brand.



Shuz. first started as a hobby. From Maja:

At first we started to hand paint our boring white sneakers, we wanted to transform them into an original piece of accessory, something that said a lot about our personality, a true reflection of our style and more importantly we wanted to wear something that we knew was unique and one of a kind and not a piece of wardrobe that thousands of other people already wear. You know that awkward moment when you walk down the street and spot your shoes on at least 3 other girls?! Well yeah we wanted to avoid those kind of situations :) Very soon we started to get a lot of compliments for our creations and the trigger for the decision to make a business out of it was when we made Shuz. as a birthday present for one of our friends and realized there was much demand for a personalized handmade product like ours.

Wedding Shuz. collection was created shortly after. The girls designed a model for a friend’s wedding that was not much of a high heel lover – white lace, satin bows, the bride & groom’s names on one shoe and the sign “Just Married” on the other; it perfectly fitted the occasion. The word quickly spread about new sneakers for all those unconventional brides. And not just them, but also for the ones that wanted to look stylish in high heels for the first part of the day and then slip into something more comfortable afterwards, for the real party!



Good Girl, Swan Lake, Happy Life, Bride to Be, Lavish Lace, Romans Noir,… These are only a few of many other models from the creative Shuz. workshop. These colorful, playful, imaginative “shuz” are hand painted canvas sneakers that are realized according to your wishes and ideas. From Ljudmila:

Handmade and hand painted, Shuz. can match the color of your wedding dress and also the style of your wedding. You can give them a personal touch by selecting one of our options like: writing names, date of the wedding or a special message directly on your wedding shoes. ( most common scripting are: and they lived happily ever after, bride to be, just married, I do… etc.)

Did we mention that wedding sneakers come pretty handy if you change your mind in front of the altar and suddenly choose to become a runaway bride? :)

Ljudmila and Maja thought that the readers of You May French Kiss the Bride would love their creations, and generously offered for one you the chance to win one of the 3 models below!

Giveaway #1:



Giveaway #2:



Giveaway #3:


So… Which one will be yours? To try to win one of the 3 models above, just leave a comment with the model number (#1, #2 or #3) that you’d like for you.

Good luck!! And to see more of their numerous models, head up to their website or Facebook page!

Giveaway: Sneakers

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