Sylvain le Lepvrier

Rennes, France.

Oct 2014

Alix + François

An Alternative to the Bouquet Toss

As many of you come here to see alternative weddings, I thought you might be interested in seeing this alternative to the bouquet toss. I don’t know if someone knows this practice, but I had personally never seed this before—and I have seen a bunch of weddings in these past years—so I thought I’d share!

Not only does it prolong the friendly moment when someone inherits the bride’s bouquet, but it looks a lot funnier – and as a bonus you may make a photographer happy! Photos by the French photographer Sylvain Le Lepvrier. (You may also recognize the woman in the yellow dress as being the bride of one of my favorite weddings ever!)

Happy Monday!!



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How it works.

First, multicolor ribbons are attached to the bouquet. Every non-married female guest gets to hold the end of one ribbon. Then, the brides closes her eyes and cuts a ribbon, resulting in the person at the other end of it to be out of the game. It is recommanded that the challengers turn around the bride while her eyes are closed so that she has absolutely no idea whose ribbon she’s cutting. This scenario goes on and on until only one ribbon is left; the person holding it wins the bouquet!

Oct 2013

Swann + Julien

An Exotic French Wedding, Sun & Percussions

After 20 years as a banker, Sylvain quit his job to start a whole new career as a photographer. And he got noticed! It’s only quite recently that he decided to specialize in weddings. I discovered his work when he contacted me, and I was keeping this lucky find for me since then like a little treasure. I am now super happy to let you discover his work also. I think he really (reeeally) has a special eye and style, very different from what we usually see in the wedding photography world (in French I would have said—and probably sounded cheesy doing so—that he’s like “a diamond in the rough” but I’m not sure this makes any sense in English!). Anyway, this guy’s available to shoot your wedding in 2014… or later! Now let’s focus on the wedding. What to say? I just love this couple!! The energy of those people (all of them!), the live music… And, isn’t it crazy to look at those pictures and imagine this was shot in France? Wow. Ok, I think you got it, I’m impressed. Photography: Sylvain le Lepvrier.


The wedding took place on the 3rd of August 2013, in Visan and then Grignan, France.

We met at high school 9 years ago, where we were attending the same math class; we were only 16 and 19 years old! We got engaged 5 years ago… and then finally set the wedding date 2 years ago. Well, let’s just say we took the time to think! :)



Name one thing you regret…

Should we do it all over again, we would hire a wedding planner for the day. I have to say there’s a lot that need to be taken care of and I guess not many people want to deal with the caterer on the day of their wedding, asking him to bring one more plate on the very last moment or to go take non-alcoholic drinks for the thirsty kids.



… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We’re happy we had a party on the Friday evening with the guests already there. We didn’t really want this at first and decided to do something quite improvised with around 50 persons. In the end, we got to relax and enjoy some precious extra time with our dearest friends. In the next morning, it seemed there were only bad news anyway, so this evening was a real blessing! We went to bed at 00:30 with a smile on our faces – best friends and beers, the perfect combination!



The word of the photographer.

What can I say about that day, when the bride and groom are giving you “carte blanche”, when you look right and see Guyana, you look to the  left and there is China, and then suddenly Martinique? All this in the gorgeous setting of the Enclave des Papes and this Jimmy Hendrix song that would not leave me, I can assure you that Paradise isn’t very far away…
Well she’s walking through the clouds, With a circus mind, That’s running wild, Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams, And fairly tales, That’s all she ever thinks about… Fly away, little wing.

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