Serafin Castillo

Málaga, Spain.

Jun 2014

Melanie + Sean

Madrid Elopement with a Ceremony on a Rooftop

How would you react if the person you consider a model in your field contracted you to do the exact job you admire him for? This is what happened to Serafin Castillo, the author of this series of pictures.

Serafin is from Málaga in Spain. He wasn’t a wedding photographer at first, but when he discovered the field about 2 years ago, it caught his attention. At that time, Serafin discovered the work of Sean Flaningan, a very well known photographer in this community, who quickly became an example for him. Sean was holding a conference in Madrid last year and although Serafin was short of money back then, he struggled to be able to make it anyway. He headed to Madrid, learned from Sean and the two of them eventually became friends. In June, Serafin received an email from Sean’s fiancée Melanie, asking him to make an estimate for their wedding; it was so unexpected for him that he had to read the email several times and even translate it  to Spanish to make sure he got it right! But it was all real and on his blog, Serafin admits he cried “like a little child”.

Those are the pictures he took at this elopement (because of course, he accepted to do the job!). I really love simple weddings and I think that the idea of having the ceremony on a rooftop in a big city is fantastic. Many thanks to Serafin Castillo for sharing this story and those pictures with us!



wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-01 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-02 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-03 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-04 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-05 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-06 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-07 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-08 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-09 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-10wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-12 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-11wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-13 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-14 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-15 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-16 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-17 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-18 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-19 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-20 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-21 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-22 wedding-on-a-rooftop-madrid-23

The word of the photographer.

The wedding of Melanie and Sean was a dream, Sean is my favourite wedding photographer since I started this job. The day was so special, when the ceremony finished i remember that I started to cry so hard, more than them!

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