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Strasbourg, France.


Apr 2014

Geraldine + Cyrille

Rock Climbing Engagement Session

I love when couples decide to go for a love session that says something about them. It makes a photography story that’s beautiful but also real, that means something to them, and that without any doubt, they’ll always look back after with joy. Photography by G&D Photography (who you can also meet here on the blog) out of France.



Here you can read how this rock climbing engagement session perfectly fits the story of these two:

More than 10 years ago, our glances first crossed on this block site where some rock-climbers had gathered for a climbing contest.
That’s why this place became part of OUR story… A few years later, we met again and haven’t been apart since then!
We spent 8 years living together, sharing our passion for rock-climbing, studying together at University for 5 years, until Geraldine passed her final exam… We then decided it was time to get married!
On a Wednesday afternoon of March, after a beauty makeover by Diane (the gifted photographer), the four of us went to our favourite place. The shooting session took place in an excited but natural atmosphere, thanks to an amazing light, but also because we were at ease in that place, looking forward to getting married!
Diane and Guy made us feel comfortable and confident, as if we had been knowing them for years ! The shooting ended at dusk, we were a bit cold and shivering but thrilled to have shared such a wonderful moment.


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The word of the photographers.

We are always ready for shooting sessions out of the ordinary. When Geraldine and Cyrille asked us if a climbing session might interest us, we of course immediately embraced the idea. 
And we were not disappointed! We did not see the time elapsing, ideas rushed into our heads, the Spring light was insane, our “bride and groom to be” were gorgeous and their love clearly genuine. No “cliffhanger” here (sorry), we all know how this story will end!

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