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Dec 2013

2013 Weddings

Best Of 2013 – Weddings

2013 is nearly over! It’s been a crazy year—our first year—and I’m very happy to show you our 2013 retrospective – and a bit more. It was hard to decide how to choose amongst all the amazing works published here; this is a selection of real weddings, but I’ll also show you later this week in some other posts, our selection of couple sessions, amazing details or pieces of decoration, and some very awesome brides and grooms. Thank you all for being the best and following what’s happening here!

So here we go, we liked…


That Swedish wedding, where the bride and groom used old wooden cars to go from the ceremony to the dinner place.

Louisa + Eskil

That totally rad Aussie circus wedding.

Lauren + James

That yellow themed Estonian wedding by the sea.

Teele + Mart

That Parisian jazz musician wedding on a river boat.

Sonia + Tony

That couple of newly weds and their dogs, with a wedding by a pond.

Aileen + Dan

That French-Estonian wedding, with an epic arrival on a Viking boat.

Aurore + Jérôme

That wedding in a hippodrome, with a stylish retro bride and laser robots for the party!

Lucila + Guilliano

That wedding on the top of a mountain, with a helicopter arrival.

Tim + Doug

That wedding in the French forest, with a pack of wolves.

Cynthia + Arnaud

That German rock’n roll wedding, with stylish retro bride & groom and some epic scenes in their car.

Johanna + Didi

Oct 2013

Lucila + Guilliano

A Wedding at a Hippodrome and Giant Laser Robots

The photographer Cecilia contacted me saying: “I shot a wedding at a hippodrome recently, maybe you can like it?”. Well, good guess! And I didn’t know yet this wedding also had a Jenny Packham bride and—yes—giant led robots at the party. To sum up: a unique venue, stylish & fun bride and groom (ok, the bride’s a stylist), one great party… Welcome on YMFKTB, Lucila & Giulliano! Photography by Cecilia Aiscurri out of Argentina.


The wedding took place on March 30th, 2013 at the Tribuna Oficial del Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And here’s the story of a long-distance relationship that actually worked!

Well.. probably the most significant part of our story is that we survived a 4-year long distance relationship! We met around eight years ago, when I was just out of high school and went out every day for the 3 or so months our dating lasted. It didn’t quite work out the first time around but we knew we would end up together some day. I left Argentina to go study in London and a couple of years (and a couple of other boyfriends and girlfriends after!) we saw each other again when I was at home for the holidays and without even thinking about it we ended up with a 4-year skype-based relationship. He proposed during a friend’s wedding in Rome, I graduated and moved back home with him. A few intense planning months after, we were finally getting married and about to spend the rest of our lives together.. on the same continent!


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-01 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-02 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-03 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-04 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-05 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-06

Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret… 
I regret trying to save money on the catering service, it was our only disappointment. If you’re putting it all out on that one day, try to have the very best of everything!


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-07 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-08 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-09 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-10 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-11 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-13 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-14 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-15

…And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

Everything was our style, down to smallest detail, and that really made it for us. We didn’t do anything we were supposed to do, went with our instinct and it payed off. We are both quite relaxed and although everything looked great and we put a lot of effort into it, the actual event was super relaxed, nothing felt forced or scheduled.


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-16 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-17 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-18hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-20 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-21 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-22 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-23 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-24 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-25 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-26 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-27 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-29hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-28 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-32 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-30hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-33 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-34

Apr 2013

Jen + Ed

Casual Argentinian Wedding in the Vineyards

Wanna travel to Argentine today? Today’s wedding is quite simple in terms of details, but the venue is just fantastic! Loving those bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures in the vineyard, and the bride’s short wedding dress! Photos by Cecilia Aiscurri.



The wedding of Jen and Ed is an Argentinian-Australian vineyard wedding, that took place at Santa Maria de los Andes, in Mendoza, a region of Argentina with lots of mountains. It’s actually a world-wide story that brought those guys together, that started in Brazil (they met in Rio, spent two weeks at the beach and got matching tattoos!), ended up in Dubai, and included some stops in Spain, North Australia, Dubai, Bali, Saudi and Lybia… Wow!


Ceci-01 Ceci-02 Ceci-03 Ceci-04 Ceci-05 Ceci-06 Ceci-07 Ceci-08 Ceci-09 Ceci-10 Ceci-11


Name one thing you regret…

Since it was very long distance (South America!), many people weren’t able to attend (Europe bound mainly…)




… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

The wedding was set up long distance so we couldn’t be into details. It was composed of people from all around the world (Australia, UK, Barcelona, Egypt, Dubai, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela…). The bright side was that family had no involvement in what was to be chosen so it was exclusively Ed and I making it a modern untraditional wedding that suited all customs (we had to have live interpreter for all to understand, including Ed who was signing the papers!).

Everything was hired locally – I dont have the information of each vendor since my computer of then crashed and I lost all data – but honestly I would give Silvia all credit, she got it and put it together and made it happen.


Ceci-16 Ceci-17 Ceci-18 Ceci-19 Ceci-20 Ceci-21Ceci-22 Ceci-23 Ceci-24 Ceci-25 Ceci-26 Ceci-27 Ceci-28 Ceci-29

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