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Dec 2014

Jaye + Thomas

Bikes, Bookstore and Paris – Two Australians Eloping in France

I don’t know if you remember the wonderful pictures of Marcio and I on our bikes that Dragos and Laura (aka Be Light Photography) took last year? Well, this post inspired Jaye and Thomas to come straight from Australia to have their elopement in Paris, by bike, and have the whole thing covered by the Be Light Photography team. How adorable? I also love that they dropped their initial idea to have a big castle wedding to organize something more intimate and casual that would correspond better to their personalities.

Their day included riding bikes (obviously), stopping by a well-known jewellery to buy Jaye’s wedding ring, and finally eloping at the door of a retro bookstore… and the latter choice was no coincidence: since Jaye and Thomas first met, each month they buy a book for one another. This July they decided to buy it from Paris’ famous Shakespeare and Co bookshop and while there, get married right out the front! Photos by Dragos for Be Light Photography.


The wedding took place on July, 11, 2014 in Paris, France.
What Jaye and I always wanted for our wedding was a mixture of intimacy, uniqueness and plenty of fun – something that reflected our personalities, our relationship and our life more generally.
We started with a grand plan in mind – renting an old Chateaux in the Bordeaux area and throwing a small intimate party long into the night. Imagine if you can: sitting under a big oak tree nestled around some trestle tables, good home made food and plenty of french wine. However, as we started to delve a little further, we discovered that if we were to remain true to ourselves, what we really wanted was something less formal, and more authentic and active. Neither of us are known for being able to sit still or stay in one spot for too long.
Over a weekend, we hatched the plan to celebrate our wedding in Paris. Everything was organised over the net, including our photographer Dragos Ludusan. The day would be typically Parisian from dawn to dusk.
The day played out something like this: Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pain Raisin and coffee for breakfast (of course plenty of red wine the night before) followed by a walk to pick up our bikes, where we would ride across Paris for the day, take lunch in a typically french bistro (what else but steak and frites), before getting married in front of Shakespeare and Co bookshop and spending the night opposite the Eiffel Tower. Low key, packed full of highlights and on the go.
Our ride took us to Boucheron Jewellers to pick up Jaye’s wedding ring – a gorgeous experience, in a perfect setting just down rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Different, unique and typically French. We rode past too many Paris sights to name them all, but if you can think of one, I bet we rode past it.
A couple of close friends flew from around the globe to join us on our special day. Scott and Kirty are very special to us and we feel blessed that they travelled to Europe from Australia with 9 month old Patrick. Likewise, Tomoko, Simon and Isaac joined us from London for the day.
Everyone got into the spirit of the day, riding through Paris with limited direction, no helmets and sprinkles of rain here and there.
The night ended with a beautifully designed room at the Hotel Sezz, located on the River Seine’s right bank, 900 metres from the Eiffel Tower. It had an amazing bathroom and wonderfully soft and luscious bed.


elopement-paris-bike01 elopement-paris-bike03a elopement-paris-bike03belopement-paris-bike05elopement-paris-bike09elopement-paris-bike07b
elopement-paris-bike11 elopement-paris-bike13

Name one thing you regret…

A cliche but true: we honestly don’t regret anything….the day was simple, fun and relaxed. It was better than we had imagined.

elopement-paris-bike15 elopement-paris-bike17a elopement-paris-bike17belopement-paris-bike29elopement-paris-bike37elopement-paris-bike27elopement-paris-bike33aelopement-paris-bike33belopement-paris-bike34elopement-paris-bike35a elopement-paris-bike35b elopement-paris-bike39 elopement-paris-bike47 elopement-paris-bike49 elopement-paris-bike51a elopement-paris-bike51b elopement-paris-bike53 elopement-paris-bike55a elopement-paris-bike55b elopement-paris-bike57 elopement-paris-bike59 elopement-paris-bike61a elopement-paris-bike61b elopement-paris-bike63

… And one thing that makes you proud.

How everything just came together on the day without being over planned, over thought and without too much fuss! It really was a jam-packed, fun filled day. Even the early morning rain couldn’t hold us back from exploring Paris by bike. Having friends share the day with us also made us very happy.
Last but not least, it was an absolute pleasure to meet and get to know our photographer, Dragos Ludusan. We actually found Dragos through the French Kiss the Bride website and knew straight away that he was the one that we wanted to capture the day, telling the natural story through his lens.  What a great guy – professional, adaptable and all round bloody good photographer! Dragos went with the flow, working with us to beautifully capture the true essence of our special day.



The word of the photographer.

Meeting Jaye & Thomas in Paris was an incredible cultural and photographic experience. I love photographing people to whom I can connect and relate to and who relate really good with each other. I always thought that chemistry is photogenic and I think that this is what makes Thomas & Jaye’s pictures so special. Their elopement in Paris sure was an adventure and I’m always in for adventures!
Aug 2014

Bea + Chris

My Friends’ Beautiful English Sussex Wedding

It’s not for all the weddings that I’ve been to that I can say I was really really close from the bride or the groom. For some reason, my best friends don’t get married! When Chris and Bea told us they were getting married at the end of April 2014, I was really excited about celebrating & partying with them. I put their wedding date one year in advance in my calendar, so that nothing in the world could keep me from being there… Nothing except the expected date of delivery of our son, which happened to be April 30!
For you to have an idea, Bea is one of the reasons Marcio and I are together at all; and Chris, he’s the kind of totally unique guy that you know you don’t meet twice in your life. They’ve been living in London for quite a few years now, but have come back for every important moment in my life since then. It’s a shame we couldn’t be there for them on that day, but I am glad I still get to show their photos on the blog! The photos, by the way, were taken by Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography, that I’ve feature so many times that I’ve lost counts; but as we say, in French, “who loves doesn’t count”.



The wedding took place in Lewes, in the UK, on April 26, 2014. From the bride:

Chris and I met in Evry, in the outskirts of Paris, in 2004 when I was doing my Erasmus year. I’m Spanish and he’s French AND Portuguese. From the day we met we were good friends, then we fell in love and lived happily in Paris for five years. In 2009 I got transferred to London with my job and a year later he joined me in the English adventure. After 9 years of relationship and with so many places that we can call “home”, the easy decision was to get married, the not so easy was to decide where! We finally went for a wedding in the English countryside, because it was neutral territory, more practical for us in terms of organisation, and, let’s admit it, because I’m a sucker for Jane Austen stories…


christriz-belight-photography-01christriz-belight-photography-04 christriz-belight-photography-03christriz-belight-photography-02christriz-belight-photography-05 christriz-belight-photography-06

Name one thing you regret… 

In England most places will only do loud music until midnight, which meant that our dinner had to finish early if we wanted to maximise the dancing time. That put a bit of strain in the scheduling. If we had calculated times from the beginning we would have just had the ceremony one or two hours earlier.


christriz-belight-photography-07 christriz-belight-photography-08 christriz-belight-photography-09 christriz-belight-photography-10 christriz-belight-photography-11 christriz-belight-photography-12 christriz-belight-photography-13 christriz-belight-photography-14 christriz-belight-photography-15 christriz-belight-photography-16 christriz-belight-photography-17

… And one thing that makes you proud.

Three things: First and most important, almost all our guests had to fly to the wedding and we were worried that this would put off many people from coming, but not at all! An overwhelming number of friends and family crossed half Europe for our wedding and we feel blessed for having them during the weekend. Secondly, if you can, hire a wedding planner. You’ll still make all the decisions but they are priceless putting your crazy ideas into practice (like finding that Mini!) and they take care of all the stress so that you can just relax and enjoy. Third, we love quizzes so we prepared a Quiz game about us and the guests, for people to play during the meal if they wanted. We had much fun preparing it, it was a hit and a great icebreaker and played a big part in the overall good mood of the wedding.


christriz-belight-photography-18 christriz-belight-photography-19 christriz-belight-photography-20 christriz-belight-photography-21 christriz-belight-photography-22 christriz-belight-photography-23 christriz-belight-photography-24 christriz-belight-photography-25 christriz-belight-photography-26 christriz-belight-photography-27 christriz-belight-photography-28 christriz-belight-photography-29 christriz-belight-photography-30 christriz-belight-photography-31 christriz-belight-photography-32

Dec 2013

2013 Sessions

Best Of 2013 – Sessions

After the best of 2013 weddings published this Monday, here’s our best of 2013 sessions! Based on what you seemed to have liked the most this year (and during the two first months the blog existed), this is basically a readers’ selection!


Tuuli and Teet, and their session in Estonia with a cow.

Tuuli + Teet

Vanessa and Pedro, and this amazing black and white session in Rio de Janeiro.

Vanessa + Pedro

Magda and Marek, who took their clothes off to take a bath in freezing Iceland.

Magda + Marek

Cosmina and Adi, and their after-wedding pictures high up in the Romanian mountains.

Cosmina + Adi

Anja and Andrej, this super crazy couple that had one fun afternoon.

Anja + Andrej

Florestine and Silvain, and their engagement session at the Champs de Mars.

Florestine + Silvain

Those 5 girls, who had one fun and colorful bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party

Monika and Kendra, and this pre-wedding styled shoot.

Monika + Kendra

Us! Because you seemed to like our bike session in Paris a lot.

Joana + Marcio

Stéphanie, and this trash the dress with fire photo session.

Stéphanie + Fire

Oct 2013

Joana + Marcio

Love, Bikes & Paris

It’s not every day that you’ll se pictures of us here. Actually, I would like to let you in on a little secret: I don’t like to see me on pictures! However, there are exceptions. And the series of pictures you’ll get to see in a moment (more generally, the pictures you’ll see of me here, including the ones I posted this morning!) is one of them.

A few months ago, the very talented photographers of Be Light Photography out of Romania were spending a few days in Paris. At this occasion, they offered to “take a few pictures of us”. This actually turned into a 4 hour photo shoot, where the ideas were literally flowing! “Let’s go there! No, there! Oh, stop, I’ve seen something that could do a great shot!”. After 5 minutes, we were feeling at home with our best friends and then the rest of the time was just pure joy.

We received the photos yesterday, and as I was planning to show you the new version and already put the few pictures of us you saw this morning, I thought I’d just do a little post with those photos also! I hope you’ll like them; if you want to see more, you can still have a look at the photographers’ page.

What was the idea behind it? Well, I guess you already know! Marcio and I are bike addicts, not only do we travel by bike, but we use them whenever we need to go somewhere in Paris. Actually, those bikes are not ours (we have some not that photogenic hybrid bikes); they were kindly lent to us by Velo-Vintage, and if you want to see some really beautiful vintage bikes mended by people that are passionate about the subject, you should pay them a visit! Photography: Be Light Photography (thank you again!).



joana-marcio-biking-paris-01 joana-marcio-biking-paris-02 joana-marcio-biking-paris-03 joana-marcio-biking-paris-06joana-marcio-biking-paris-04 joana-marcio-biking-paris-05joana-marcio-biking-paris-07 joana-marcio-biking-paris-09 joana-marcio-biking-paris-08joana-marcio-biking-paris-10 joana-marcio-biking-paris-11 joana-marcio-biking-paris-12 joana-marcio-biking-paris-13 joana-marcio-biking-paris-14 joana-marcio-biking-paris-15 joana-marcio-biking-paris-17 joana-marcio-biking-paris-19 joana-marcio-biking-paris-20 joana-marcio-biking-paris-21 joana-marcio-biking-paris-22 joana-marcio-biking-paris-23 joana-marcio-biking-paris-24 joana-marcio-biking-paris-25 joana-marcio-biking-paris-26 joana-marcio-biking-paris-27 joana-marcio-biking-paris-28 joana-marcio-biking-paris-29 joana-marcio-biking-paris-30 joana-marcio-biking-paris-31 joana-marcio-biking-paris-32 joana-marcio-biking-paris-33joana-marcio-biking-paris-36joana-marcio-biking-paris-34

Sep 2013

Alexandra + Mihai

Countryside Session with a Colorful Paper Garland

Today I’m sharing a couple session with you again! It’s been a long time as I tend to publish more weddings if I see or get cool ones, but this session is really special, and I am sure you’re gonna love the effect of this colorful paper garland as much as I do. Some photographers here became mascots, and for sure Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography are some of them; I love their work a lot, and this series of pictures is no exception. I hope you’ll enjoy this!



love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-01 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-02 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-03 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-04 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-05 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-06 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-07 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-08 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-09 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-10 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-11 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-12 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-13 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-14


The word of the photographers.

We believe that a being in love and having a good mood are essential for great pictures. Alexandra’s smile and great mood for photography made everything easy and natural. And the details she hand-crafted for this session added a drop of magic to the setting.

May 2013

Cosmina + Adi

Romanian Photo Session in the Mountains With Beautiful Views

Remember Cosmina and Adi’s wedding? Well, they’re back and this time I’m sharing their couple session’s pictures; how do you like the wheat head flower crown Cosmina is wearing? I hope you’ll enjoy the light and amazing views that Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography managed to capture once again! By the way, let me share a secret with you: we met with this delightful couple of photographers in Paris a few weeks ago, and something may even come out of this meeting… just saying! In the meanwhile, enjoy this session in the Romanian mountains.



AC-00 AC-01AC-07AC-05AC-newAC-03AC-12AC-08 AC-09AC-11AC-10AC-14AC-15AC-13AC-16

Feb 2013

Cosmina + Adi

Romanian Motorcycle Themed Wedding

How about I take you to Romania again? This time to enjoy an excerpt of Cosmina and Adi’s motorcycle themed wedding, covered by Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography.



Cosmina and Adi are a young couple of artists, passionate about motorcycle, art and old stuff, in love with nature and mountains, as they like to descirbed themselves. They wanted their wedding to be a perfect reflection of their personality. From Cosmina:

Adi  worked 2 weeks on our wedding motorcycle, because it wasn’t in very good condition when he bought it (the motorcycle is an old Ij Jupiter Planeta from 1983). He modified it, painted it, changed my seat in the sidecar, worked with his hands and soul to make it in the end just beautiful and perfect for our day. We had just 1 month to organize and make everything for the wedding. It was a beautiful and crazy time.

The wedding took place in their medieval hometown Mediaş in Romania, located in the middle of Transilvania.




Name one thing you regret…

It was too perfect, we wouldn’t change anything.



… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of. 

We wanted a rustic and handmade wedding, and some help from our loved family and friends we made it possible. Our wedding was an exciting motorcycle ride; we were really happy that the motorcycle held out, as we could use it to go to both ceremonies and then to the party. 15th of July was the hottest day in the the past 5 years (more then 30 celsius degrees inside, and 39 outside!), but in the evening came a cool summer rain that everybody really enjoyed. We had an unforgettable hot  party with dear people of our lives and many many smiles and happiness tears. For us was a unique moment that changed our lives and we will never forget it.


17 18 1932 26244727


Want more? Well, stay tuned, I might actually blog their “day after” session…

Feb 2013

Denisa + Ioanis

A Couple Session with Heart Garlands and Sheeps

I love this series of pictures and I’m really excited to finally share it with you. Of course, as a garland lover, I could not remain insensitive to those little hearts. With that being said, I can’t deny I’m feeling kind of proud that this series also includes a few pictures of an animal yet not represented on the blog—there are shee(…)eeps!! Yeah, you know me… Very sweet couple + pictures captured by the so very talented Dragos & Laura of Be Light Photography, out of Romania.



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