Apr 2014

Facebook, We Need to Talk

Is Facebook Still Your Friend?

When the end of Google Reader was announced, someone asked me how I was gonna do to continue following all the blogs and photographers I was following. My answer to that was that I actually wasn’t using Google Reader. The truth is, Facebook was more convenient back then and easier to use, at least for the newbie blogger I was, so that I could keep up to date by only following the blogs and photographers I liked using that platform.

It was in fact so convenient I even ended up replacing my weekly or daily visits on blogs by an easy “Like” on their Facebook page… Until I eventually realized that that particular blog or page whose updates I used to enjoy weren’t showing up in my news feed anymore. “They might as well have stopped”, I was thinking to myself, but then a quick look at the corresponding pages showed me they had not and were actually going on with DAILY updates… How many things had I missed? How many blogs have I totally forgotten about because their updates don’t appear anymore?

I don’t care if Facebook wants to turn into money all the benefits they’ve brought to people’s lives… Fair enough! What actually bothers me is that I was having the impression that I was following these people; I thought Facebook was doing the job for me and I stopped acting the way I used to. And I was fooled.




The reason I’m sharing these thoughts today is because I bet I’m not an isolated case. I guess many of you started “liking” pages on Facebook thinking Facebook would notify you when something new happens… Well let me tell you something: it doesn’t.

Let’s go specific and talk about a Facebook page I know well: ours. We used to get most of our traffic from Facebook updates. However for the last weeks/months, our updates reached something like 10% of the followers of the page (which corresponds to the same number of people we were reaching during the very first weeks the page was created!!) and it looks like this number’s going down each time. Let me do the maths for you, it means that if you’re following us there, you’re seeing less than one out of ten of our status updates, i.e. new post notifications.

I don’t mean to spam you, nor to force you to change your habits if you just feel like you’re not that interested in the blog anymore. But if by clicking “Like” on our page one day, you thought you were following the page and the blog, just know you’re not. Not anymore.
If you still want to be aware of what’s going on here—or on any other blog—there are many solutions: you can subscribe on the blog to get an email every time a new post is online; you can go on the Facebook page and click the button that says you want to be notified of new updates (under the “Liked” button – but who knows for how long that’ll work); you can follow us on Twitter; last, we’re on Bloglovin and there’s now a Google+ page. I’d also be super happy if you just regularly stopped by as you were probably doing before Facebook existed!




I am not making any money out of the blog, I really just enjoy running it. But if some day there’s no one following anymore, what’s the point? Also, I guess I speak for many other persons that once created a page on Facebook. Don’t let Facebook kill all those people, please do something about the blogs you love.


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Facebook, We Need to Talk

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