Sep 2013


This is What You’ve Missed if You’ve Been on Holidays this Summer

So, you’ve been on holidays this Summer? Good for you! We’ve taken two weeks off too, away from Paris and the internet, and it was so good! Anyway, here’s a little catch-up session if you ever wonder what’s happened here while you were enjoying a drink at a sunny terrace or building sand castles at the beach.



06/24. If there’s a swimming pool at your wedding, you may wanna think about using it. For partying.


06/27. If you’re the romantic type, you’ll love this styled shoot and maybe wanna pick some ideas for your wedding.


07/01. We love crazy persons so we loved this wedding. We also love cocktails on boats.


07/04. Superman got engaged (sorry, girls).


07/08. Planning to have your wedding venue next to an ice hockey rink is a good idea.


07/15. This is what photos can look like when you take them at the perfect moment.


07/22. If your wedding is going to be next to a lake, think about having a picture of you standing in the middle of it.


07/29. You know that dream, to go live on an island and bring your closest friends with you? These guys did it, on a 4-day wedding.


08/01. This Spanish bride looks fantastic. So does the groom, and this venue in Spain.


08/05. Looking for an original way to join the ceremony place? Try to beat this.


08/08. Rocking chairs and Star War cufflinks, what else?


08/12. Note: Socks are an acceptable alternative to handkerchiefs. Parties around a firecamp on the beach are a very acceptable alternative to indoor parties.


08/15. You hate those girly settings with flowers and paper garlands, but still, you want nice photos of you two? That’s ok!


08/19. Woods & DIY details: you may actually love this.


08/25. If you love beautiful wedding dresses, you should see that. If you love photography also.


That’s it, you can now back to what you were doing, and see you here tomorrow!

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