Dec 2013

Happy 2014!

2013 is Nearly Over, Happy 2014

Because this blog wouldn’t be same without the energy of the couples featured here, this last best of 2013 is dedicated to them. To those who had an infectious laugh, those brides who risked their dress riding an mechnical bull (or else), to those couples who simply stayed themselves to get the best of their day: thank you. And for the ones getting married in 2014, I simply wish you to have fun. Happy 2014 everybody!



Liina + Rob

BOC20131-LiinaRob-00 BOC20131-LiinaRob-01Mélanie + MatthewBOC20132-MelanieMatthew-00Karin + Fredkarinefred_frankieemarilia_ymfktb-1Andrea + DaniBOC20133-BikiniBirdie_Andrea+Dani-00 BOC20133-BikiniBirdie_Andrea+Dani-01Nina + DenisBOC20134-ND-00 BOC20134-ND-01Danielle + TylerBOC20135-winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-00Leslie + FredVery-Personalized-French-Wedding-a-Triplet-and-a-Bunch-of-Happy-Friends-1Essie + FranckDutch-Beach-Wedding-1Joanna + JaanBOC20136-GerrySulp-01Justine + BrendonBOC20137-epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-01 BOC20137-epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-02

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