Apr 2014

Tina + Mark

Elopement in Santorini

Tina and Mark went to the Greek Islands to get married… just the two of them plus their photographer. Eloping can be a good alternative to traditional wedding; it puts the focus on just the two of you, and you can eventually use the money you’d spent on the wedding to offer you some great vacation! That’s what Tina and Mark went for, and the island of Santorini in Greece made the perfect background for some stunning pictures! Photography by DavidOne, out of France.



Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-01 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-02 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-03 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-04 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-05 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-06 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-07 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-08Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-09Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-11 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-12 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-13 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-14 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-15 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-16 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-17 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-18 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-19 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-20 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-21 Santorini-Elopement-DavidOne-22

The word of the photographer.

When you get a request of this type – “We love your pictures, we’re getting married in Santorini… Would you accept to come with us that day?”… you’re always wondering “Is that some kind of a joke? Is it for real? Do I really get to go to this incredibly photogenic place to just, do my job?”

Well, it wasn’t a joke! :)
That day, I met with Tina & Mark, an L.A. couple, that came to the island for their elopement. Actually, in that case, it was quite simple: wherever we would go on the island, there was a nice spot, and by nice I mean “world class”. :) It’s so exciting, and one day isn’t even enough to be able to exploit everything.

The wedding ceremony took place at Imerovogli, we then went to a small fishing port, took some pictures next to an old abandoned house (but style very charming!), to end up with Oïa, where the sunsets are amongst the most beautiful in the world… Except that, that day the sun decided to hide at this very moment – it didn’t happen in the last 6 months!

Let’s say bad luck, it didn’t stop us from enjoying every moment. Mark & Tina were adorable, always
attentive, and I think with the millions of stairs walked up and down during the day, exhaustion took me… But what a unforgettable day!

I wanna go back!!! :)

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