Sep 2013

Alexandra + Mihai

Countryside Session with a Colorful Paper Garland

Today I’m sharing a couple session with you again! It’s been a long time as I tend to publish more weddings if I see or get cool ones, but this session is really special, and I am sure you’re gonna love the effect of this colorful paper garland as much as I do. Some photographers here became mascots, and for sure Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography are some of them; I love their work a lot, and this series of pictures is no exception. I hope you’ll enjoy this!



love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-01 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-02 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-03 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-04 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-05 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-06 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-07 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-08 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-09 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-10 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-11 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-12 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-13 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-14


The word of the photographers.

We believe that a being in love and having a good mood are essential for great pictures. Alexandra’s smile and great mood for photography made everything easy and natural. And the details she hand-crafted for this session added a drop of magic to the setting.

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