Jan 2014

D + A

A Balloon Themed Love Shoot in The Netherlands

Did you all start 2014 well? Marcio and I are in Brazil to visit his family, and I don’t want to make anyone jealous—I’m actually rather complaining here—but it’s freaking hot over here! Anyway, whatever part of the planet you’re reading this from, I hope you’re fine and you enjoyed the end of last year.

Today I’d like to share with you this sweet couple session from the Netherlands… just love and balloons! Photography by Eva for Miss Lalamour.



MissLalamourBalloons-01 MissLalamourBalloons-04pMissLalamourBalloons-02 MissLalamourBalloons-03MissLalamour-French Kiss the Bride-7MissLalamourBalloons-06 MissLalamourBalloons-07 MissLalamourBalloons-08 MissLalamourBalloons-09

The Word of the photographer.

Since this couple hinted they were a bit camera shy, we decided to do a loveshoot before their actual wedding next year. I’ve had my eye on this dilapidated old house for a while, but had never figured out how to actually get there. So after some research, we ended up in this magical place in the late summer sun. What struck me was that these two beautiful people had so much fun together, they barely even noticed I was there…:)


Dec 2013

2013 Decoration

Best Of 2013 – Decoration

Hello folks! Hope you had some nice time with your families and that you’re all ready to leave 2013 to get the best out of 2014! I still have two best of 2013 to show you, and I’ll try to post them both before the end of the year, which means  two posts before tomorrow night and new stuff for the end of the week! This one focuses on decoration & details, because I thought it would be nice to give those getting married this coming year an overview of the kind of atmosphere that’s possible to create. Hopefully, you’ll see that there’s no rule at all and that with some imagination and a bit of creativity, everything’s possible.


Harmony + David

Harmony + David

María + Hector

María + Hector

Filipa + Niki

Filipa + Niki
BOD20133-DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-01 BOD20133-DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-02

Mélanie + Matthew

Mélanie + Matthew

Joost + Carolien

Joost + Carolien
BOD20138-JC-00 BOD20138-JC-01

Jessica + Mark

Jessica + Mark
BOD20136-colorful-wedding-birds-details-00 BOD20136-colorful-wedding-birds-details-01

Elizabeth + Kevin

Elizabeth + Kevin

The Soup

The Soup

Karen + Rowan

Karen + Rowan

Heidi + Kyle

Heidi + Kyle

K + D

BOD201312-Fantastic-Venue-in-the-Italian-Mountains-with-a-View-on-the-Sea-00 BOD201312-Fantastic-Venue-in-the-Italian-Mountains-with-a-View-on-the-Sea-01

Dec 2013

2013 Sessions

Best Of 2013 – Sessions

After the best of 2013 weddings published this Monday, here’s our best of 2013 sessions! Based on what you seemed to have liked the most this year (and during the two first months the blog existed), this is basically a readers’ selection!


Tuuli and Teet, and their session in Estonia with a cow.

Tuuli + Teet

Vanessa and Pedro, and this amazing black and white session in Rio de Janeiro.

Vanessa + Pedro

Magda and Marek, who took their clothes off to take a bath in freezing Iceland.

Magda + Marek

Cosmina and Adi, and their after-wedding pictures high up in the Romanian mountains.

Cosmina + Adi

Anja and Andrej, this super crazy couple that had one fun afternoon.

Anja + Andrej

Florestine and Silvain, and their engagement session at the Champs de Mars.

Florestine + Silvain

Those 5 girls, who had one fun and colorful bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party

Monika and Kendra, and this pre-wedding styled shoot.

Monika + Kendra

Us! Because you seemed to like our bike session in Paris a lot.

Joana + Marcio

Stéphanie, and this trash the dress with fire photo session.

Stéphanie + Fire

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