Eliza + Lucian

One Year Wedding Anniversary Commemoration at an Amusement Park

Dec, 15 2014

Today I’d like to share the beautiful wedding anniversary commemoration this couple had captured at an amusement park. I think it’s great for two persons to continue celebrate their love for each other after the wedding; it’s even better to have …

Anamaria + Cristian

Dreamy After Wedding Photoshoot in a Boat by a Lake in Romania

Dec, 05 2014

One last post for this week: the dreamy after wedding photoshoot of Anamaria & Cristian! Water always adds something to couple pictures and this little boat is just too cute!! Photos by Laura and Lia, the two sisters behind Wedding Faeries Photography, out …

Béatrice + Jérémie

Wonderful Photoshoot in the Streets of Paris

Nov, 17 2014

Robert is a talented photographer based out of Portland in the US, who wandered around Europe this Summer and got to shoot this couple in Paris. Béatrice and Jérémie are the wonderful duo behind The Quirky, specialised respectively in photography and videography. I …

Alex + Cameron

Surprise Proposal at Lily Lake, Colorado

Oct, 31 2014

Cameron and Alex were first contacted by Perry & Kathryn  to model for a styled shoot in the mountains. And here’s the beautiful story, related by the two photographers of Our Love Is Loud, of what happened instead. We actually …

Alix + François

An Alternative to the Bouquet Toss

Oct, 20 2014

As many of you come here to see alternative weddings, I thought you might be interested in seeing this alternative to the bouquet toss. I don’t know if someone knows this practice, but I had personally never seed this before—and I have …

Lola + Ludivine

Woodland Rock n’ Roll Tea Time Styled Shoot

Sep, 15 2014

A lot of talents were brought together for this styled shoot. As a result, a beautiful place, a wonderful setting with lots of details, and for sure, a nice experience and some great memories for this couple who accepted to be …

Ioana + Adrian

A Vintage Books Inspired Engagement Shoot

Aug, 14 2014

So much sweetness in this engagement shoot and a perfect setting that will please our book lover followers! Photography by Ciprian Lupan. •••   The word of the photographer. When a couple LOVES great outdoors as much as Ioana and Adrian do, it’s an …

Julia + Fabio

A Photographers’ Wedding Anniversary Commemoration

Jul, 02 2014

Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about Fabio and Julia, a photographer couple from Brazil. A few years ago, sick of their very demanding job (Fabio was a graphic artist and Julia used to work in the fashion …

Maélika + Onasis

A Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Argentina

Jun, 10 2014

Ever thought of having a honeymoon photo shoot? This couple travelled to Argentina and contacted a local photographer to have memories of their holiday… What a great idea! Photography by Daniela Liska out of Argentina. And PS: I love the …

Cynthia + Arnaud

A Couple Shoot at an Abandoned Area Close to Paris

Jun, 02 2014

Jean-Laurent Gaudy, the author of this series of pictures is one of my favorite French photographer. We got to physically meet last November, and he and his lovely wife Caroline (who owns a blog at quickly became friends. A few weeks …

Inês + António

Rainy Elopement in Portugal

May, 20 2014

Inês and António decided to have a very intimate wedding, precisely 10 years after their very first kiss! They organized a little ceremony for just the two of them at a beautiful cottage and had some afterwards snacks, around the …

Geraldine + Cyrille

Rock Climbing Engagement Session

Apr, 28 2014

I love when couples decide to go for a love session that says something about them. It makes a photography story that’s beautiful but also real, that means something to them, and that without any doubt, they’ll always look back after …

Carmen + Santiago

Styled Gypsy Inspired Wedding

Mar, 27 2014

I love the gypsy culture. It really fascinated me younger, the music, the independence of the people… I’d watch every gypsy-related movie so when the photographers told me they got inspired by the movies of Kusturica for this shoot, I …

Elo + Matt

Alice in Wonderland Themed Photoshoot

Feb, 20 2014

Today I’m sharing the cute Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot of Elo & Matt, two lovebirds from France. The photographs were taken near Grenoble, France, by their friend Marie-Laure of Blanc Coco Photographe. Enjoy! •••   The word of the …

Andreea + Tony

Tattoos & Snow – a Couple Session by -30

Feb, 13 2014

This couple left town to move to this place (the Kawarthas, Canada), closer to nature. I guess this is the reason why it looks so intimate and powerful: we can basically feel how quiet this place is, and how peaceful …

Pía + Iván

A Spanish White and Red Winter Styled Shoot in the Forest

Feb, 06 2014

Paula contacted me with this winter styled shoot, and I instantaneously fell in love. It made me also realize I hadn’t posted anything winter related yet, so my decision was quick! This styled shoot took place in the mountains in …

D + A

A Balloon Themed Love Shoot in The Netherlands

Jan, 03 2014

Did you all start 2014 well? Marcio and I are in Brazil to visit his family, and I don’t want to make anyone jealous—I’m actually rather complaining here—but it’s freaking hot over here! Anyway, whatever part of the planet you’re …

2013 Sessions

Best Of 2013 – Sessions

Dec, 25 2013

After the best of 2013 weddings published this Monday, here’s our best of 2013 sessions! Based on what you seemed to have liked the most this year (and during the two first months the blog existed), this is basically a …

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