May 2013

It's Been 6 Months

It’s Been 6 Months (and Time You Know a Bit More About Us)!

It’s been 6 months, we’re more than 2000 on Facebook—please don’t make me talk about my Twitter account…—and I’ve had for the first time someone I was introducing myself to (and truly admire) respond to me “we’ve actually been following your blog for some time”. This has been growing faster than I could ever think; it’s been 6 months, but it seems it’s been forever!




It actually all started back in 2011, with our own wedding. Of course, I was back then a total newbie, and had been following the blogs for a very short time… But, it was a total BLAST! And after spending over 6 months taking really close looks at other people’s weddings, I know now we had the few ingredients that will make us love our wedding day no matter what: it was a day full of emotions (to be honnest, wine helped), love, and most importantly, we had FUN! This sounds classic but well, sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. So, I may today not be particularly proud of everything I prepared (wait for my sister’s wedding), but as much as I love details and wedding design, I wouldn’t change a thing.






I realize you don’t know much about me. To simplify, let’s say I’m a researcher in a scientific area close to mathematics (oh you can say it, I’m a nerd), and until a few months, a repressed artist at heart. Starting the blog wasn’t easy, for many reasons that could all be filed under “insecurity issues”. Starting my own project, with everything than can come with it—critics, lack of consideration and respect—possibly amplified by the fact that I’m using a language that’s not even my native one, could have broken me. I’m not quite sure I realised this back then but well, fortunately this is not what happened! I actually had to deal with very little negative feedbacks (to not say I was greeted like a ROCK STAR – seriously guys, thank you!), and I may even have saved enough nice words now to face the inevitable coming critics… [Sorry but who wouldn’t brag about quite a few mentions on this blog (yeah… that’s 7 links) at such an early stage of existence, and then this one?] You’ll also notice I finally found some courage to talk about my own self.

Starting this blog was a life-changing experience, something that, no matter where this is ever gonna lead me, is making me a different and hopefully better person. When I wrote my first email to ask if could publish this wedding, that for this very reason will always be special to me, I didn’t have a proper email address, nor a website to show! Then we launched it, and this was so very comparable to a starting gun for me. In the first miles, I was literally short of breath (the excitement wouldn’t let me get some sleep, and I had a headache for weeks!). Then, I realised this is not a sprint, it’s a race that hopefully will last for some time, and I’d better save my effort! But, all good things come to those who wait, the situation eventually became stable: I am now a cool-headed blogger, and I am happy with the direction this project is taking!


Joana-Marcio_01 Joana-Marcio_02




It was important to me that the accent be put on photography and I’ve been hearing this became pretty clear to you also. Good! Besides, I have to say I’m not confortable being some kind of “wedding guide” for all you future brides and grooms; I don’t want to give you specific advice and I actually think nobody should. Quite paradoxal for someone running a wedding blog, I hear you say? So here’s my one advice, from me to you: run away from good advice! :) It’s your day anyway, your personality… The thing is, I truly believe in your own creativity and think that the photos here speak for themselves. There’s a lot to get inspired by in every wedding we publish, I really just want you to take a look at it, pick what touches you the most, and create your own thing on this basis!

So, I am personally happy with the direction this project is taking “technically” speaking, but also from a human/ relational point of view: I feel very honored to be part of this little world, have an excuse to contact some of the best photographers (and coolest brides and grooms) in the world, start a chat, and sometimes even end up making new friends! I also want to add that, as a quite new and necessarily less followed blog, having posts of quality that were not already reserved for the bigger blogs was for me a challenge, that ended up less complicated to achieve than I thought. Of course I’ve been ignored and rejected sometimes and maybe I just like to focus on different things compared to most wedding blogs, but my point here is that I was quite surprised with the amount of people that actually believed in me straightaway. Life isn’t perfect though, not even for wedding bloggers, and I also happened to be involved in a few less pleasant situations… But, more about this some other time, lessons were learned and I truly believe all this is making me a more humble and respectful blogger – never forget where you come from!




For those who read this until the end, I would love to have your feedback on the blog and our orientation so far. Please, go ahead, remember I’m now a cool-headed blogger! ;)

As for me, I’d like to end up saying that these past 6 months, I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you!…


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